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Learn TO Earn . . . 

Learning how to turn everything we learn into earning more while working less. 
Have you ever attended an event, a workshop, seminar, read a book, took a live or online course and were motivated, inspired and excited . . . but then didn't follow through?  
Are you stuck?  Are you missing something and just not sure what that is?  Do you "know" what you should be doing . . . but still aren't doing it? 

~ Learn ~ ACT!
~ Repeat

Building reflexes in our brains which help us to be better students and connect everything we do to discovering and living our life vision each and every day while earning a lot more and working a lot less.
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5 Steps To Success
Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world discovered a rock solid 5 Step To Success which is the foundation for Learn To EARN.  

             Step 1: WANT

             Step 2: Obstacles

             Step 3: Sacrifice

             Step 4: Decision

             Step 5: DO

Take a look at Tom's short video and then determine what your really WANT.

Step 1: WANT

WANT to earning $___________________ 
by ____/___/____ at ____:_____.
1. What Do I WANT To Accomplish?
The #1 reason people struggle with not following through well with anything is they aren't clear as to what they want.  They do not have Engineered CLARITY on what's called their Wii-FM ~ What's In It For Me?

A great Wii-FM will ALWAYS have MEASURABLE results and a DUE DATE to hit that result.  If our Wii-FM isn't measurable we can often succeed and not know it or think we succeeded when we really didn't.  

To become clear, it's helpful to have a 30 minute Strategy Session with a certified consultant.  As soon as you register for the level of Learning TO Earning you desire then take a few minutes to complete The Action Card below and we will connect with you to gain clarity.  If you aren't even clear as to what level of Learning TO Earning you would like to register for, feel free complete The Action Card questions and a consultant will help you determine that as well.   It's fairly easy to determine which level is best for you.  

Take a look at your budget and then look the size of your goal or what you want to accomplish and then how fast you want to accomplish it.  Then choose the highest option your budget will allow.  Obviously the higher the level you choose the more assistance, support, tools, systems and drive you and your coach will have to achieve what you desire.  

"I WANT to earn $1,000,000 in 2020 from 
7 hours of my work in this course."

Paul Wyner ~ Psychology Of PEOPLE member
Once you answer the two questions to the left then complete a few short on-line questions for a GIFT Strategy Session.
2. ENGAGE!  
Do not over think things!  Do not make things more complex than they need to be!  Do not allow fear to freeze you!  Do not invest $1,000 of your time and energy to hold you back from making a $xxx decision.  Register TODAY and get started immediately. 
IMPORTANT NOTE:  In an ideal world, before you would start a class, workshop, online course . . . or really anything you would get started on Learn TO Earn a minimum of four weeks before you take the course, go to the event.  Why?  You are going to have so many ideas, learn so much, be so motivated and inspired . . . but you most likely do not have the extra time you will need to have AFTER you come back to the event to implement everything you want to implement.  Learn To EARN will help you to get properly prepared where you will have a very specific amount of time set aside to implement the most important things you learn which will help you TAKE ACTION more on what you LEARN which will help you to then EARN more money and do so in less time.  Make sense?